The FIM Board of Directors met for the third time in 2023

The FIM Board of Directors met at the Federation’s headquarters in Mies (Switzerland) on 13 and 14 September.
Building for the future – Members of the Board took the opportunity to check on the construction of the new FIM Headquarters © FIM
On this occasion, the Board addressed several topics, in particular the following:

Situation in Ukraine: The Board of Directors reiterated its sympathy and solidarity with all those suffering, as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. After having carefully considered the latest statements of the IOC and the fact that no favourable evolution of the situation had been noted in Ukraine, the Board once again confirmed the decisions taken at its extraordinary meeting on 5 March 2022. The FIM will continue to monitor the evolution of the situation, taking into account the specificity of motorcycle sport.

Sport: All disciplines were discussed with a focus on the promotion of the FIM World Supercross Championship and the Trial discipline. A call for expression of interest was launched for the promotion of the FIM SuperEnduro World Championship as of 2025. Another one will be launched for the promotion of the FIM X-Trial World Championship as of 2025. The Board approved the creation of the FIM Women SnowCross World Championship, the FIM SidecarCross of Nations as well as the FIM QuadCross of Nations starting in 2024. In the framework of the 120th anniversary of the FIM, the Intercontinental Games, a biennial sporting competition with continental teams only, will be launched in 2024. A status report of this upcoming event as well as the sporting rules were presented to the Board. Considering the current economic situation and the increase in transportation costs and airfreight, the Board decided to provide a travel indemnity of EUR 3,000 per National Federation (including the Continental Union teams) travelling overseas to enter the 2023 FIM Motocross of Nations. Discussions on the creation of a Vintage Commission took place.

Finance: The Board agreed on a draft 2024 budget which will be presented to the General Assembly for approval. In addition, the updated 2023 forecast was shared.

Affiliations: The Board decided to submit the affiliations of Albania (ALMF), Armenia (NMFA) and Nigeria (ATCN) for approval to the 2023 General Assembly.

Liaison with National Federations/Continental Unions: The Board agreed to dedicate a Working Group to the harmonisation of the CONUs’ Sporting Codes. The results of the survey about the cooperation between the FIM, CONUs and FMNs were presented. The next FMNs & CONUs Secretaries General Meeting will take place in Paris (France) on 4 & 5 October and will be hosted by the Fédération Française de Motocyclisme (FFM).

Insurance: The riders’ insurance programme for 2024-2026 was presented to the Board. The concept of creating a licence for team members including an insurance was approved.

Equal gender opportunities: The Commission for Women in Motorcycling (CFM) shared the FIM equal gender opportunities guidelines as well as portrayal guidelines. The Board once again reinforced the FIM’s commitment to the promotion of diversity and gender equality in the management of and participation in motorcycling.

Legacy project: A status report was provided on the construction works of the new FIM HQ. The existing building will be transformed into a Motorcycle Sports Museum to preserve the social, cultural and historical legacy of the FIM and motorcycling.

Marketing and Digital: A progress report on the new FIM brand and visual identity work, which will be unveiled during the next General Assembly, was presented to the Board.

FIM Hospitality: Following a call for expression of interest, the project of the newly FIM Exclusive Hospitality Unit as of 2024 was outlined.

Commissions: The following changes were made to the composition of the FIM Commissions / List of Judges:CCR – New Member, Mr Robert ŽIKOVIĆ (HMS)CMS – New Member, Mr Gaspar TABOADA (CAMOD)CTR – New Member, Mr Jordi PRAT LEBRERO (RFME)LJI – New Member, Ms Vered DESHE (IMSF), subject to the confirmation of the General AssemblyAwards & Recognition: The Board awarded distinctions as well as several honorary memberships, subject to approval by the General Assembly.

2024 FIM Commissions Conference: The Board decided to hold the 2024 FIM Commissions Conference from 16 to 18 February 2024 in Lyon (France).

Amendments to the Codes: The Board agreed with amendments to the Statutes & By-Laws and Sporting Code as well as new calendar fees & licence proposals that will be submitted to the 2023 General Assembly for consideration. Several amendments to the Disciplinary & Arbitration Code, Financial Regulations, Medical Code and to the Environmental Code were also approved.

International Foundation for Motorcycling (IFM): The Board was informed that the 2022 audited financial statements and management report had been approved by the Foundation Board as well as the Swiss supervisory authority for the foundations.

The CONU Presidents, Board Committees, Working Groups and Departments of the Administration presented their progress reports on their respective projects to the Board.

In addition, the CONU Presidents met on 14 September to share best practices and addressed topics including the prices of continental licences, the harmonisation of codes and general structure and the cooperation between the FIM and the CONUs.

Finally, the Commissions’ Directors, together with the Managers/Coordinators, met with the President and the Chair of the Strategic Plan Committee on 15 September to cover items such as the FIM Strategic Plan, members’ and officials’ appointments to events as well as education & training of officials.
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