Thailand Race Weekend Recap

Article by Shane Gunawardena

Our Thailand race weekend has come to a close, and we’re proud to report that it was injury-free despite a few unfortunate crashes involving our riders too ending up in DNF’s. While our position in the rankings may be lower than desired, we take immense pride in the significant progress we made, from improving lap times to gaining invaluable experience. These achievements were made possible thanks to the unwavering support of the ACRR team and the generous backing of Thailand’s big boss, Kraitos แท่น Wongsawan

The context of the severe economic crisis our country faces makes the journey of our riders truly extraordinary. During a time when essential resources such as petrol, diesel, and even electricity were in short supply, their dedication and resilience shone brightly.

This ACRR experience has ignited hope for the future. As the President of the newly elected federation committee, I’m thrilled to announce our plans for another selection process next week, focusing on the upcoming round in Taiwan. This initiative aims to provide opportunities for fresh, promising talent to join our team, reaffirming our unshakable belief in the spirit of racing and our unwavering determination to conquer any challenges.

Our journey continues, and with your support and blessings, we are steadfast in our conviction that our riders will continue to illuminate the racing circuit with their talent and unwavering perseverance.

Thank you for standing with us in this incredible journey.

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