FIM Board of Directors meets in Warsaw

Meeting in Warsaw (Poland) of the FIM Board of Directors.

At the invitation of the Polish Związek Motorowy (PZM), the FIM Board of Directors met in Warsaw (Poland) on Friday, May 17, 2019.

From left to right: Simon Maas (Secretary General of FIM Oceania), 
Francesco Brandi (INTERNAL AUDITOR FIM), Marco Comana (FIM AFRICA PRESIDENT), Giovanni Copioli (ITALY FIM BOARD OF DIRECTOR ), Jos Driessen (ITALY FIM BOARD OF DIRECTOR ), Jacque Bolle (FIM Vice-President), Martin De Graaff (FIM Europe Interim President), Jorge Viegas (President FIM), Tony Skillington (FIM CEO), Andrzej Witkowski (former president PZM), Jan Šťovíček ,(CZECHOSLOVAKIA FIM BOARD OF DIRECTOR ) Rob Dingman (FIM North America President and representative CONUS), Jørgen Bitsch (Denmark FIM BOARD OF DIRECTOR ), Pedro Bandiagara Jr (FIM Latin America President), Michal Sikora (President PZM), Stephan Carapiet (FIM Asia President).

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